The Fire Department shall consist of a Fire Chief and such other officers and personnel as the City Manager shall from time to time appoint. The Fire Chief shall be responsible for the proper organization, training, discipline, and functioning of the personnel of the department, and for the care and maintenance of the equipment and machinery of the Fire Department. The Fire Chief shall have all of the authority and perform all of the duties of a Fire Chief, as provided by Kansas law, and shall perform such further duties as required by ordinance or the City Manager.

The Assistant Fire Chief and all other firefighters, under the direction of the City Manager and the Fire Chief, shall protect life and property within the city by combating fires, providing emergency life saving services, performing rescue operations, and testing and maintaining department equipment. Firefighters while on duty shall devote their time and attention to their respective duties according to the ordinances of the city, the laws of the State of Kansas, and rules and regulations established by the City Manager and Fire Chief.